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Memorable Quotes # 32

On Influence & Associating:

Don’t join an easy crowd.  You won’t grow.  Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.

There are two parts to influence.  First, influence is powerful.  And second, it is subtle.

Let the views of others educate and inform you, but let your decisions be a product of your own conclusions. (more…)

Cultural Intelligence

Our increasingly multicultural society combines both an influx of people coming to our land and wide-ranging opportunity to interact on foreign soil due to leisure or business travel.  Thus, the opportunities for communication challenges based on cultural differences is magnified.

A major theme of the September issue of Toastmaster magazine focuses on the concept of ‘cultural intelligence’. (more…)

The E & O of Advisor Life

The September issue of The Insurance and Investment Journal includes a somewhat stark looking two-page checklist of duties and responsibilities of financial advisors, from the fiduciary standpoint which relates to errors and omissions (E & O) business insurance coverage.

It serves as an update reminder of what are the areas of service expectation, primarily for the advisor, but also implicitly for the consumer. (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Twenty-One

The Rules – circling the writers:

(a) “Once you’re hired for a job, there’s a very high anxiety level, which just stays in the background – it’s sort of like a white noise of ‘What’s gonna happen to me on this adventure? Am I gonna make it down the river? When are the giant falls with the writer-eating crocodiles in ‘em gonna come? Are they gonna come way down the river? Are they gonna come right away, which they do sometimes?’  You know, you turn in your first draft, and good-bye.  Or maybe you’re gonna sail way down the river and get it close to production, and then something bad is gonna happen.  Or, in a rare case, you’re gonna make it all the way through.” (more…)

Safe speed sign of trouble

The insertion of safety speed posts is inevitably going to cause navigation problems when placed  by a popular parking area or curb.

The insertion of safety speed posts is inevitably going to cause navigation problems when placed by a popular parking area or curb.  This is one of several recently placed on our street which are asking for trouble. 

TOP 10 Alternative Election Signs

Canada’s federal election is one month from today, with outdoor signs less meaningful given the fluid immediacy of social media – leaving opportunity for a different kind of messaging…

  • If you don’t vote for us, we’ll tell your neighbours how old you are
  • Vote for Ivan, only his temper is terrible (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XLI

It’s the last official week of summer, so here’s to enjoying it with more enriched clichés (with the originals in italics):

  • I know they like to personify their gun collection, but having a shotgun wedding is too much
  • After the intimidating speaker moved the listeners to silence the crowd relaxed with the sound of the lunch bell
  • As an animal imitator he goes the whole hog from being healthy as a horse to acting sick as a dog
  • I know letter writing skills aren’t what they once were but it shouldn’t be hard to keep the right order of signed, sealed, and delivered (more…)