Creative commentary plus crafty composition

About the site

This site is now including longer writing projects, as well as adding, hopefully, to the archives of clever commentary. The first such lengthier post is ‘The Millennium Prize’, a mystery story.

All postings are by the author, Mike Gorman, a former Financial Consultant, who spent 24 years in the financial services industry in Ottawa, Canada.

He has also been a member of Toastmasters since 1999. He completed twenty years of service with the club executive in 2020, earlier in the year having achieved Advanced Toastmaster Gold designation.

Having written articles (including two published in an Ottawa daily newspaper, along with numerous ‘letters to the editor’), three screenplays, and an unpublished book about his perspective of life in the financial services industry, Mike is currently focused on short stories.

(Revised 2021)   

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