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What about other special days which coincide?

This weekend we see the unusual calendar coincidence of Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day falling on the same day.

Thus, whether one is religious or a trickster, there will likely be synergistic opportunity for some celebration and/or mischief.  One can get away with being both good and bad (within reason) on the same day. (more…)

A Wider Range of Employee Benefits

To what extent might we see the landscape expand in what are deemed to be ‘employee benefits’, in relation to being potentially taxable?

Take the case of the electric automobile. (more…)

Top 10 Contemporary Signs of St. Patrick’s Day

Remember when holidays pretty much were celebrated on the actual day?

Now, no doubt in part for commercial purposes, promotion has largely turned them into multi-day, if not multi-week, events. (more…)

Minting More Customers

A post nearly two years ago provided my observations about perhaps the most popular of ‘atypical assets’, namely collectible coins. Here’s a revisit of that commentary, with some updated points.

The Royal Canadian Mint has become much more than a creator and distributor of Canadian daily coinage. In addition to special orders for foreign governments, transit authorities, etc., it has expanded offerings to the world of coin collectors and investors, in Canada and beyond. (more…)

Life Lessons from the Winter Olympics

We’ve just had the latest round of the Olympic Winter Games play out in Korea in the latter part of February.

Some nations, particularly the three highest medal count countries – namely, Norway, Germany, and Canada – found relative success after their long journeys to southeast Asia. Other countries didn’t have their usually expected triumphs (U.S.A.), and one wasn’t even able to compete under its national flag (Russia) – so, bigger is not always better. (more…)