Creative commentary plus crafty composition

This weekend we see the unusual calendar coincidence of Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day falling on the same day.

Thus, whether one is religious or a trickster, there will likely be synergistic opportunity for some celebration and/or mischief.  One can get away with being both good and bad (within reason) on the same day.

Just about every day of the year has more than one internationally recognized event occurring, but many of these are lower profile, or much less widespread in observance.  What if some of these happenings in the rest of April developed their own synergies?

  • April 2nd Love your Produce Manager & Ferret day = it is likely easier for many to love a pet before being able to love a store manager; bring a ferret to the produce department, and see what happens
  • April 3rd Find a Rainbow & Chocolate Mousse = for some, chocolate can be like gold at the end of the rainbow, except it’s lighter and edible, but not as collectible
  • April 5th Deep Dish Pizza & Tell a Lie Day = those who consume too much of the former may have indigestible excuses to take advantage of the latter
  • April 7th No Housework & Beer = need we say more…
  • April 11th Barbershop Quartet & Bookmobile = a bookmobile is not necessarily a magnet for crowds; the sound of a barbershop quartet coming may be enough to drive some people inside to look at books
  • April 16th Save the Elephant & Wear Your Pajamas to Work = one good deed for nature may be enough to earn a mulligan at the office
  • April 17th Blah Blah Blah & Cheeseball = if one’s mouth is frequently open, spouting nothing of substance, might as well fill it with delectable morsels
  • April 19th Bicycle & Garlic = one can ride a bike to the store to get garlic, bike home to eat the garlic, then bike back to the store to get breathe mints and air freshener
  • April 21st Tea & Chocolate Covered Cashews = most people will go for at least one of these, so put them out together and let those with differing tastes mingle
  • April 22nd Jelly Bean & Earth = for a truly challenging contest, hold a bean counting contest based on covering a portion of the globe
  • April 26th Pretzel & Richter Scale = if the latter reports a seismic event, having some of the former could help ensure that one’s salt intake doesn’t suffer during recovery
  • April 28th Go Birding & Blueberry Pie = bird-watching can be a time-consuming activity, so might as well consume something delicious
  • April 30th Honesty & Oatmeal Cookie = if honesty being its own reward is not sufficient, cookies can be an inexpensive back-up plan

No wonder so much of life’s minutia can snowball with the right mix.

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