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TOP 10 Modernized Fortune Cookie Messages

There is at least one longstanding element of food culture which has not changed with the times: messages in Chinese fortune cookies.

Recent experience has confirmed that the same old array of vague, albeit usually upbeat, expressions and predictions remain in vogue. Perhaps it has something to do with the evidently simple assembly-line manner in which such message cookies have long been created and distributed. Perhaps the substance of most messages, involving abstract universal themes, is deemed to validate whatever wording is used, as not worth re-visiting for style, spirit, or timeliness. (more…)

In a Metaphorical Way

One of the more intriguing ways many of us use language is through metaphors.

It’s like using one of a set of specialized tools to complete a project, instead of only using a multi-tool. No, wait, that’s a simile.

A metaphor is figure of speech, or an image, in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action not literally, but by means of comparison or analogy. A simile focuses more on the idea of a comparison, normally connected by words such as ‘like’ or ‘as’. (more…)

Urban vs Rural Driving

Likely anyone who has driven for any significant period has experienced driving both in the city and in the country. Likely familiarity alone makes many prefer one driving environment versus the other. Of course, too much of a comfort zone could cause one to become blasé behind the wheel, no doubt a contributing factor to many accidents.

Few, I believe, would argue that there’s not a distinct difference in one’s mind-set between city and country experiences, especially with driving. (more…)

TOP 10 Ways to Survive Waiting at Airports

Anyone who has traveled by air in recent times, and particularly has done so off and on for decades, knows how the experience has dwindled in enjoyability. Nowadays it seems to go down a notch every year.

Have you seen the original version of the movie, “The Out-of-Towners”? Soon into the opening scene, Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis, having made the short drive in their station wagon from home to the local airport, easily stride into the casual, small terminal, directly to the ticket counter, and quickly out to board their plane, with nary a whiff of delay or security to be seen. How times have changed… (more…)