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Survival of the Fitness

While for most of us warm weather months are more conducive to outdoor physical activity than cold months, that time frame too has its ups and downs. For instance, the run of hot & humid weather we’ve been experiencing in southern and eastern Ontario really puts a premium on keeping hydrated, also ipso facto making compromises on outside efforts.

A health and conditioning option unaffected structurally by the change of seasons is the gym or fitness centre (descriptions have become marketability more imaginative in recent years). (more…)

PASSWORD Was Once (mainly) a Game Show

Our lives these days are filled with passwords, exacerbated to the extent that we conduct aspects of our affairs on-line.

There are many theories and rules-of-thumb about establishing passwords: use different ones for everything (but where do you safely store the list?), use the same core, but not easily deciphered, pattern so it’s easy to remember (but what if someone figures out the first domino?), frequently changing them, etc. (more…)

Getting Carded

It seems the art of sending and getting greeting cards is a declining one, certainly insofar as customary paper manifestations. Hanging up fewer and fewer Christmas cards results in less decorative ambience than it once did.

I find that on-line access to services such as Hallmark e-cards (for a minimal annual fee) provides a key benefit missed by the traditional card, namely immediacy. (more…)

The Three-Step On-Line Process

We intrinsically realize there is a process to making purchase decisions. If the purchase is small, especially a repeat, the procedure is rather narrow, straightforward; simplicity is magnified by convention. The more significant the product or service, wherein lacking expertise makes us more vulnerable to outside influences, the more elaborate the operation becomes. (more…)

Now Presenting

Anyone who has made a presentation to groups more than once knows how important it is to project confidence, speak clearly with vocal variety, and use language appropriate to the circumstances. (Like in so many settings, first attempts often have a built-in mulligan.) These elements help to establish stage presence, evoke credibility, and ultimately enhance the likelihood of positive reception. (more…)

If They Can Do That…

A couple of days ago at a popular provincial park beach south of Belleville, Ontario, I saw for the first time police officers, in otherwise standard attire, riding along the edge of the beach on Segway bikes. It appears that I was far from alone insofar as this being a revelation, or at least a familiar site, as I witnessed a number of people having animated interchanges with the two officers (male and female), including an officer posing for a picture on the upright bike. (more…)

Creative Hot Weather Warnings

This is the time of year in our hemisphere when the weather at times, like now, can get quite hot.

Amazingly, year after year, weather ‘experts’ continue to feed a diatribe of trite warnings, like drinking plenty of liquids, using suntan lotion, and staying out of the sun during the heat of the day. These patently obvious comments are trotted out as if we are either too stupid to figure them out ourselves, or somehow have missed hearing them pronounced many times before. (more…)

Ten More ‘Ageless’ Marketing Ideas

More extensions of a booklet for consultants containing attention getting, and hopefully to some extent business generating, concepts; somewhat universal, but needing to be kept up-to-date

  • Travel dinner shows, allow dreams of bucket-list destinations to take centre stage, wherein the focus is on the destination, not the journey
  • Golf pro clinics and tournament dinners, encourage a swinging time wherein any volatility issues apply personally, not to outside forces or events seeking positively spun explanations (more…)

Ten ‘Ageless’ Marketing Ideas

I recently re-discovered a booklet for consultants containing oft-attention getting, and hopefully to some extent business generating, concepts. Some ideas seem universal, but need to be kept up-to-date

  • Charity events, should be selected in consideration of which services being supported might have personal relevance in the future
  • Community gardens, come with a built-in implication of watching for what varieties and substances are being encouraged to grow (more…)