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Some Don’t Like It Humid

Amazingly, there are those who dispute the concept of a ‘humidex’. My decades old Collins English dictionary, approximately 1700 pages of word definitions and etymology, doesn’t even include this variation of humid. Some who don’t accept this reality, especially cogent in summer, are also good candidates for rejecting its opposite seasonal measure, commonly known as ‘wind chill’.

The Collins dictionary defines ‘humid’ simply as moist or damp. Considering the impact on skin and clothing, that about sums it up. (more…)

Consumer Agreement Stipulations

It seems that the continuing infiltration of technology and legal engagement into our affairs has made its impact on consumer agreements, such as memberships. The way things are going, perhaps the following will come to reflect a more tangential wording of future contract stipulations and terms… (more…)

Technically Absent

One of the biggest modern challenges for couples and their attempts at maintaining intimacy, or at least regular contact, is technology – more specifically, our plugged-in world.

As discussed in the August issue of Psychology Today, the ascendency of what we call smartphones has created “a lower level of conversation in (their) presence” as well as “diminished empathy” due to their habitual use. It’s worth reflecting on this evolving reality: “they make other relationships and interests more salient than those directly in front of us”. (more…)

Potential Summer Olympic Sports

As the book has closed this past weekend on another Summer Olympic Games, one is struck not only by the inspirational level of commitment of athletes, coaches, and their supporters, but also by the diversity of activities recognized as meriting official competition. No wonder there are so many venues, providing huge logistical issues for host cities as well as those attempting to cover the activities. (more…)

Future Finance

Key trends affecting the future of the financial industry in Canada concern five evolving areas, according to an article in the August issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal. As discussed in a major Chartered Financial Analyst conference held in Montreal in May, these concepts are identified as: robo-advice; big data; cyber-security risks; social media; and responsible investment.

Underlying these trends’ expanding roles is the belief that “Everyone wants more advice about their investments and that advice is very expensive”. (more…)

The Awarding Experience

Have you ever been selected to receive an award of some significance, and been uncertain how to behave leading up to the moment and then when actually accepting the honour? Since so many people are afraid of public speaking, this situation could easily gravitate for the recipient between one of joy and one of trepidation.

A brief article in the August issue of Toastmaster magazine looks at appropriate protocols for an award receiving situation: (more…)

If It’s Good Enough for Athletes…

According to an article in the August issue of Psychology Today, there are numerous excuses athletes may posit for cheating, such as by doping – obviously a high profile issue in any spotlighted athletic competition such as the current Summer Olympics.

The catch-all category of ‘moral disengagement’, based on disconnecting one’s behaviour from negative emotions such as guilt, has emerged as the strongest defence. It has at least six manifestations: (more…)

Musical Pollution

Many of us can remember, once upon a time, when the only regular, daily life expectation of hearing music in public locations was in elevators, with peaceful, if at times nauseatingly vapid, compositions. They were the epitome of gentle, time filling companionship.

Then we began hearing musical intrusions more regularly at regular events, like sports matches. In between periods, innings, etc. it somehow became mandated that time be filled with an increasingly loud standard of usually raucous popular tunes. (more…)

Life Lessons from ‘The SIMPSONS’

A TV show that has been around as long as THE SIMPSONS has had its own life cycles, disguised by its animated construct.   Although the characters technically haven’t aged, the way they appear, and the increasingly tangential nature of their world, have gone through a version of evolution. Even the annual “Treehouse of Horror” satires and parodies have gone past exploring easier source material (such as with the classic “The Shinning”) to the extent that even the aliens don’t appear as regularly as they used to. Ah well, that’s show biz. (more…)

Esoteric Terms & Conditions

Just about anytime one clicks on-line to register with an app provider, there are a list of terms and conditions to be tacitly approved.

Such lists inevitably come with additional built-in links to more complex details, for those who want to bask in even more convoluted legalese. Given that these structures are compounded with periodic updating, there must be some organizations making a fortune on compliant wording approvals – especially if it’s by the word. (more…)