Creative commentary plus crafty composition

As the book has closed this past weekend on another Summer Olympic Games, one is struck not only by the inspirational level of commitment of athletes, coaches, and their supporters, but also by the diversity of activities recognized as meriting official competition. No wonder there are so many venues, providing huge logistical issues for host cities as well as those attempting to cover the activities.

While there are popular, traditional sports which have been part of the Games for a long time, there are almost always a few for which the supporting audience is limited, ex. mountain biking or archery. Many of the newer ones do tie into modern, outdoor lifestyles, but again these may, or may not, attract much of an audience.

So, this world being an ever-expanding bed of activities which can be calculatingly measured, there arise new possibilities and platforms for Olympic events to be sanctioned…

  • Facility completion money squandering
  • Photogenic hair or scalp styling
  • Water event site pollution siphoning
  • Jingoistic event reporting
  • Lob-ball post-event athlete interviewing
  • Shameless advertiser image building
  • Distracting tattoo displaying
  • Venue empty seat disguising
  • Off-site athletic behaviour tracking
  • Volunteer commitment milking

After all, the Olympic spirit should be expanded to as many facets of life as can be reported.

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