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Speed Ills

Be aware, this may come soon to a street or intersection near you…

Our residential street is under attack from the remote, bureaucratic forces of city hall.  The war room is in the Area Traffic Management department.  If militaristic terms seem a bit harsh, it’s because of the battle we’re facing. (more…)

In the Black

Today is ‘Black Friday’.

Unlike conventional associations with the word black, outside of its description as a colour (notwithstanding the view that black represents an absence of colour), today’s version means seeing green ($$$) for retailers and perhaps a rainbow of high and low emotions for shoppers. (more…)

In Search of the Ideal Venture

The theme of our Toastmasters meeting today was “Your Dream Job”.  As Table Topics master, I challenged fellow members to imagine how this precept would apply in various professions. (more…)

What Gets Stressed

There are gruesomely fascinating illustrations of stress. Not only does the word have intrinsically different meanings (putting ‘stress’ on a pronunciation, or a piece of wood, or causing mental discomfort), but also the discomfort interpretation itself has myriad sources. (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part VIII

Yet again, a batch of enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • Eight auto workers being let go while standing on the front hood of a truck is firing on all cylinders
  • Get out of Dodge and go into another auto maker’s vehicle if that makes you happy (more…)

It’s Not Too Late for the 50+ Screenwriter

This past Sunday I participated in a teleconference, the theme of which was that opportunity does exist for those aged 50+ with screenwriting aspirations, at least in films.  According to the presenter, television is a different story, as in that world writers are young and, well, let’s just say they much prefer to be with their cohort. (more…)

The Survey Asks…

Yesterday I completed three on-line surveys, one from a movie chain, one from Canada Post, and one in follow-up to a phone teleconference. (more…)

Memorable Quote # 13

Open and listen to the quiet night that gives itself

To every morning sound

Then rise up to the light and know that your life

Was meant to share all the love you found (more…)

Whew! It’s Friday the Fourteenth

It’s Friday, and this month we just missed having another 24 hours of facing Friday the thirteenth. However, don’t get too comfortable.  In December it comes up again. (more…)

Even Yet Still More Clichés Upgraded

Here’s even yet another batch of enlivened examples (with the original in italics):

  • The fee free nature of his emotional roller coaster means he’s saving money at theme parks
  • A good rule of thumb is not to stick it out near dogs eating protectively (more…)