Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Here’s even yet another batch of enlivened examples (with the original in italics):

  • The fee free nature of his emotional roller coaster means he’s saving money at theme parks
  • A good rule of thumb is not to stick it out near dogs eating protectively
  • Did you hear about the comic corn cob who left his crop mates grinning from ear to ear?
  • Having egg on your face is a really quick way to have breakfast
  • The rasps and blues versions of berries were fully allocated, so the rest were left grasping at straws
  • I was too tired to take it down for the night, so if you’re looking for it, the handwriting is on the wall
  • Adoring shoe people following in his footsteps made me get out of the way
  • A half-baked idea is not a good substitute for a full, healthy meal
  • We use rain to rinse out our clothes, so when the sun comes out instead we’re hung out to dry
  • It’s true, the birds want to communicate with us, I heard it through their grapevine

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