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Fostering a Philanthropic Legacy

When I was a financial consultant, particularly after the company began more proactively to offer options via insurance or investments to clients who might be interested, I selectively discussed the idea of philanthropic planning. (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XLVI

It’s the end of November, with new shopping clichés like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ upon us, so time to battle back with more updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • Stop the presses and switch your routine to some stretching exercises  
  • If you hold your stick out like a sore thumb perhaps a sympathetic young dolphin will jump over it (more…)

Some Millennials Do Want Advice

The November issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal has an article telling us that millennials – those born between 1980 and 1995 – are advice seekers.  Moreover, they represent a great opportunity for help via financial advisors in the coming years. (more…)

TOP 10 Benefits of Less Daylight

We are on the cusp of the two shortest months of daylight as we near the winter solstice; how can we turn this to advantage

  • Greater atmosphere for telling ghost stories
  • When you carry away that holiday party glow, more people will be able to see it
  • More chance to pursue the timeless ‘fewer calories, taste great’ debates (more…)

Residential road safety

A recent local newspaper article concerning road safety is well-intentioned, but as with many such viewpoints takes conclusions to lengths which should be challenged. (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Twenty-Five

Minefields – next…:

(a) “You’re like the architect, but they’re building the building, and sometimes they decide, ‘You know what? That’s not quite the building we want. We’re gonna bring in somebody else to design the new gazebo.’ I’ve replaced writers and I’ve been replaced.  The times it’s gone well have been when everyone’s a grown-up about it.” (more…)

TOP 10 Ominous Friday the Thirteenth Happenings   

It may be one of those Fridays…

  • The size of the food servings in your restaurant look the same even though you’ve been eating them  
  • The colouring of cocktails served in your bar doesn’t appear part of the rainbow
  • Your clothing slips off right after tightening your belt (more…)

Remembrance Day

It’s Remembrance Day.

Let us be sure to take a little time to reflect and remember…   

What Makes an Open Leader

An article in the November issue of Toastmaster magazine brings out an important side of those in leadership capacities: showing honest emotion, which not only doesn’t weaken one’s standing, but rather humanizes and enhances credibility.

Authenticity comes from self-realization about the impact of one’s own experiences.  (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XLV

November means darkness by dinner, all the better to brighten things up with enriched clichés (with originals in italics):

  • To make it easier to navigate across the deeply entrenched soapstone, he put a step on it
  • You may have to stick a fork in it if we cannot find any more spoons for the pudding
  • Bring your sad look to a stop and smell the roses your co-workers brought in for your birthday (more…)