Creative commentary plus crafty composition

It may be one of those Fridays…

  • The size of the food servings in your restaurant look the same even though you’ve been eating them  
  • The colouring of cocktails served in your bar doesn’t appear part of the rainbow
  • Your clothing slips off right after tightening your belt
  • When you stop at a traffic light pedestrians look at you while their heads are turned away 
  • Dogs are barking incessantly at nothing you can see or hear
  • Bad news stories on newscasts seem to be coming out of nowhere
  • Your bathroom mirror crashes into thirteen pieces when you try to wipe it clean
  • Telemarketing calls with four digit area codes clog up your phone
  • Strangely patterned cracks appear while you’re walking on sidewalks
  • The blind spot when you’re driving keeps moving around

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