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TOP 10 Ways to Recognize CANADA DAY

For the 148th time (including preceding I.D.s)…

  • ‘Flag down’ neighbourhood speeders
  • Drink red and white wines all day
  • Use maple syrup in place of cooking oils (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XXXIV

The first half of the year is almost done, however, there’s still plenty more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • She shouldn’t be pushing up daisies if she expects them to grow properly
  • It should rain on my parade of seedlings according to the latest forecast
  • It’s much easier to push your buttons on with fine thread and patience (more…)

Memorable Quotes # 23

On Personal Development:

“Unless you change who you are, then you will always have what you’re got.”

“Life is a unique combination of ‘want to’ and ‘how to’, and we need to give equal attention to both.” (more…)

What Top Insurance Producers Say

Who knows what lies inside the minds of top insurance salespeople? The June/July issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal knows, thanks to reports of the 2015 Canada Sales Congress, held May 20th in Toronto.

Here are excerpts of ‘some wise words’ and ‘advicelets’ from top sales presenters: (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Fifteen

Script Development – a development exec’s point of view:

“One of the things I’ve learned is that it’s really about the concept. Other things may change dramatically, but the idea always remains the same.  So the job is about finding that really unique idea…and finding the right way to grow the idea into a film.  When the writer is able to turn the idea into a blueprint for a movie, it’s electrifying… (more…)

TOP 10 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

In honour of a special annual day of recognition

  • Give him a card with a $50 certificate toward his favourite new vehicle
  • When he reminds you of how much more challenging it was when he was young, smile and don’t roll your eyes
  • Let him win an argument for a change (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XXXIII

The pending glow of the summer solstice shines on more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • You can pound the pavement all you want, but if there’s any answer I’m getting outa’ here
  • Rather than preach to the converted why not save your voice and just give them a pamphlet?
  • It’s much gentler if instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, one lets it scamper away when ready (more…)

Aspiring to the Dumbest Catch Phrase

There’s a broadcaster for the New York Yankees baseball team who belts out whenever a Yankees player hits a home run, “See Ya!”.  I’ll grant that at least it’s a short phrase.  But it makes no sense.  And I’m not saying this because I’ve never cared a whit for the Yankees.  (I grew up a Montreal Expos fan.  As they’re not around anymore, I’ve reluctantly become a Toronto Blue Jays follower.) (more…)

The Survey Says…

In this digital age there is an ongoing controversy concerning the value of maintaining, not to mention extolling, traditional print communication via books, magazines, and newspapers. Reporting generally implies that print is more the format for older adults and digital formats are the information gateway of the younger. (more…)

Replay: Bobblehead Reporting

Have you noticed how often nowadays TV reporters in the field seem to feel obliged to give several head nods when the studio host bounces the on-air feed to them?  In some cases, this occurs almost every time the feed switches to them during the report. (more…)