Creative commentary plus crafty composition

In honour of a special annual day of recognition

  • Give him a card with a $50 certificate toward his favourite new vehicle
  • When he reminds you of how much more challenging it was when he was young, smile and don’t roll your eyes
  • Let him win an argument for a change
  • For the voracious, imaginative reader, give him books with missing pages so he can fill in the blanks
  • Let him win a game without it being obvious
  • If buying him a special treat, don’t ask him to sit up for it
  • Prepare a gift basket with a variety of sore muscle and antacid medications
  • For a little levity, hide his car keys but leave easy clues
  • Buy him two pairs of his favourite socks and shorts, and wrap them in a plain brown bag
  • Remember how you would like to be treated on such an occasion, and try to turn it up a notch

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