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Many a video news channel these days is quick to interject a “BREAKING NEWS” graphic whenever a borderline opportunity strikes, let alone more legitimate, dramatic happenings.

What this means for the viewer is that, too often, the interjection refers either to an embellished, regurgitated story, or one of esoteric, nebulous import, perhaps cliché style. (more…)

Common Experiences, Not for Everyone

Currently, in the Ottawa, Ontario area, midsummer weather has returned with a vengeance.

After most of this summer being of a relatively moderate mode, with concomitant complaints from those who prefer more opportunity to fry their skin, in the last week of the season and beyond we have hit a heat wave, which any prolonged period in mid summer would be proud of. Running several degrees above normal, both daytime and evening, it just goes on, getting even hotter, but more significantly more humid. (more…)

TOP 10 Life Lessons from TWIN PEAKS – The Return

For those inspired by the more outré versions of TV programming, ‘TWIN PEAKS’ has represented one of the iconic lynchpins (or, perhaps more accurately, Lynch-pins). It has displayed a chunk of the world with unique, somewhat relatable, people operating from ethical codes which supported their behaviour in bizarre events and developments.

The dream-like atmosphere around the eccentric characters in the original 1990s series was enhanced by a haunting, hypnotic music score. (more…)

What’s in Some Words?

In looking through our Toastmasters club file of words of the day, as individually used in our meetings over the years, there are some interesting revelations.

Words chosen by members, in turns as ‘Wordmaster’, show quite a range of choices, from relatively familiar to quite obscure, as well as varying degrees of efforts made in their presentation (font size, definition, etc.). (more…)

Travel on Sale

As a member of the baby boomer generation, I have begun taking more seriously the issue of arranging travel plans on-line.

It should be appreciated that the painstaking nature of the experience, enhanced by the omnipresence of the internet and search sites, could be little envisaged as our cohort developed its work traction in the years surrounding Canada’s turning 100 years of age. (more…)