Creative commentary plus crafty composition


Many a video news channel these days is quick to interject a “BREAKING NEWS” graphic whenever a borderline opportunity strikes, let alone more legitimate, dramatic happenings.

What this means for the viewer is that, too often, the interjection refers either to an embellished, regurgitated story, or one of esoteric, nebulous import, perhaps cliché style.

For instance:

  • Tears found spread over spilt milk
  • People rescued from dark underground, find it difficult to see bright side
  • Being as honest as day is long proves mixed blessing in winter
  • Fans of theatre in the round find it difficult to go back to square one
  • Dog barks up wrong tree, laughed at by other canines
  • Boy born with silver spoon in his mouth becomes metallurgist
  • Hands caught in cookie jars have longer fingers, poll finds
  • Narcissists in constant danger of biting a hand that feeds them
  • Looking a gift horse in the mouth exposes seeker to spells of horse breathing
  • Study finds that late day birds can do as well as early birds in catching worms
  • Housing authorities look to redesign building codes to accommodate elephants in rooms
  • Researchers expect to find clouds without silver linings
  • New theory emerges, only mid-sections really justify the means
  • Health experts suggest fiddles are not really fit
  • Study confirms potential dangers in flying by the seat of one’s pants

Besides, if news really is breaking…shouldn’t someone be prepared?

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