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Even More Breaking News

Here’s some BREAKING NEWS:

This week’s post is a follow-up to interest piquing submission last Friday.

More to enjoy…

  • Language experts agree that words which get in edgewise are less dependable
  • Getting to the bottom of things more effective with experience, study shows
  • The adage of someone ‘given an inch and inch and taking a mile’ found to be less valid in metric system
  • Research on fingerprints finds good rules of thumb still outnumber bad ones
  • Half-baked ideas found to improve with addition of baking powder
  • New floral research finds easier ways to hear through grapevines
  • Survey finds consumers divided on taste benefits of having egg on the face
  • Medical researchers baffled by rise in cases of eyes bigger than stomachs
  • Holding one’s horses proven better exercise than holding phones
  • Getting ducks lined up in a row found to depend on very tight guide ropes
  • No practical justification uncovered to having a hole in the head
  • Having ice water in one’s veins proves mixed blessing in winter conditions
  • Zoologists discover that being a monkey’s uncle provides tribal advantages
  • Mathematicians unable to replicate theory that saying something once equivalent to saying it a thousand times
  • Being left with something to chew on can cause pressure on dental plate

Some of this news should be broken…

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