Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Today marks another of those calendar interventions we have come to know as a Friday the 13th.

While some pay little attention to the symbolic significance of this periodic occurrence, there are many who do. The fact that this is a year wherein it occurs the same month as Halloween adds some dimension to the spectre; forebodingly, it’s a superstitious lead-in to the history imbued time, combining fear and celebration at the end of October.

After all, the mirror image of day 13 is day 31.

Like any mystique, there are esoteric observations deep in the archives for Friday the 13th, such as…

  • Early calendar observations were based on the 5th plus the 8th, but it became too much superstition to handle, so recognition was consolidated to the 13th
  • Posted results have shown mirror repair kit sales spike in the week before the fateful day
  • Black cats as part of the scenario became more significant when nighttime lighting technology improved
  • The day & date were deemed a catchy possible precept for naming a string of horror movies
  • Someone came up with intimidating word triskaidekaphobia, and someone else concluded it needed a tricky concept to represent
  • Friday the 13th came to be viewed as an opportunity to sharpen one’s ‘fight or flight’ instincts
  • Acceptance improved with realization that happenings being on the 13th gives almost three weeks to recover one’s equilibrium by the end of the month
  • Surveys on this date have consistently found people to be more likely to see the glass as half empty
  • Sales of ‘13’ printed gear have normally been highest on Fridays
  • More sightings of rabbits with missing feet have been reported in the week following a Friday the 13th than any other time of the year

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