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Top 10 Tips to Effective Goal Achieving


There is a long held view that striving for challenging, but achievable, goals is important

  • Take some vocal lessons so you’ll be prepared to sing a new tune
  • When engaging with others, borrow a turf roller to ensure you’re on a level playing field
  • Be prepared to clear up mistakes by carrying white-out with you at all times
  • Chew on gum and elastic bands to increase your flexibility (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part L


The end of January is nigh, so time to enjoy the occasion with the 50th edition of updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • When I visit someone and find out the hard way their fireplace is real, that burns me up
  • Until a different design of the ball becomes popular, that’s the way the ball bounces
  • That’s a wrap for the last mummy to be put on display
  • The first one of you that hits the spot wins the drooling contest (more…)

Paying for Financial Advice


A pair of articles in the first issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal for 2016 quote studies showing that most consumers want advice about financial and insurance products, and, at least in Canada, prefer to choose the manner in which fees are charged.

Moreover, they have definite preferences for what they seek in the professionals with whom they deal. (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Twenty-Nine


Taking Charge – anonymously:

(a) “…screenwriting is kind of invisible.  If screenwriting is done really well, it seems like the actors made up their lines, and that the director knew to put the camera there, and that the movie sort of came together all by itself.  So a lot of times it feels like the screenwriter is anonymous. (more…)

Like the Sands in an Hourglass


The January edition of Toastmaster magazine features a tracking perspective on time management by Laura Vanderkam, author of several books on this perpetual subject.

We often think of this issue in business, career-related terms – but it really contributes to any of us wanting to adhere to the adage, recognized increasingly as one ages, of “living each day to its fullest”. (more…)

TOP 10 Lost Episodes of ‘The X-Files’


After a hiatus of more than a dozen years (except for a forgettable theatrical release), the iconic TV series ‘The X-Files’ will reappear this coming Sunday for the launch of an updated mini-series.  However, rumour has it that a number of controversial episodes have been shelved over time – perhaps loyal aficionados should be made aware, if the truth is really out there… 

  • Mulder and Scully attempt to discover why their social media connections are suddenly unfriending them in droves
  • At a remote scientific station, Mulder and Scully help researchers battle a creature which changes its form whenever there’s a variation in the eerie music playing on the intercom (more…)

Revisiting ‘The Peter Principle’


In the early 1970s a book written by Dr. Lawrence Peter and Raymond Hull became a much reprinted international bestseller, The Peter Principle, its subtitle ‘Why things always go wrong’.  The principle itself: “In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

Have things changed for the better in the forty plus years since this intonation on human inefficiency was first issued?  Sadly, it appears not much with the historically styled organization, although technology has certainly provided a healthy self-directed option. (more…)

Finding a Positive Ending


How many experiences have we had over the years which have been lessened, if not spoiled, by a disappointing ending?

You go to the grocery store, find what you want at prices which are tolerable, and then leave the store discouraged because of an intolerable delay or problem at the cash.

You go on a trip, and find out that your luggage has been damaged or lost, or if driving you’re involved in an accident on the way home. (more…)

TOP 10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Survival Shows

Adaptability of skills and responses – need we say more…

  • When waters are muddied, have an alternate supply ready
  • Have a safety net to protect you from things that bug you
  • You might have to swallow unpleasant things in order to move on to another day
  • When encountering possibly helpful odd and ends, think like a sculptor (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XLIX


The new year and its incumbent weather is upon us, so time to escape with updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • Sure, you got taken for a ride, but it could have been for money
  • Now that we have to pay the entry fee by weight, the machine is taking its toll on you
  • This landscapes board game is so possession focused, it has a card allowing you to take the scenic route (more…)