Creative commentary plus crafty composition


After a hiatus of more than a dozen years (except for a forgettable theatrical release), the iconic TV series ‘The X-Files’ will reappear this coming Sunday for the launch of an updated mini-series.  However, rumour has it that a number of controversial episodes have been shelved over time – perhaps loyal aficionados should be made aware, if the truth is really out there… 

  • Mulder and Scully attempt to discover why their social media connections are suddenly unfriending them in droves
  • At a remote scientific station, Mulder and Scully help researchers battle a creature which changes its form whenever there’s a variation in the eerie music playing on the intercom
  • The Lone Gunmen use their name as cover to try infiltrating a large gun advocacy organization, but find themselves forced to become invisible when their lack of firearms’ prowess is revealed
  • Mulder’s investigation of the mysterious black oil is hampered when a traced source is contaminated with oil from a newly discovered fracking site partially owned by Skinner’s brother
  • The cigarette smoking man becomes increasingly hostile and dangerous to everyone in the bureau offices, due to rigid enforcement of ‘no smoking’ policies
  • A haunted house, once visited by Scully and Mulder at Christmas, reappears in the last rows of a vineyard where the agents are following a strange lead from the Lone Gunmen
  • Doppelgangers of Scully and Mulder stay one step ahead of their counterparts by inventively causing mayhem, which the real agents have to keep clearing up
  • On a ship forging through the Sargasso Sea, Scully searches for Mulder and others on board who have gone missing after eating unusually garnished salad
  • Mulder’s long missing sister Samantha appears at his apartment, and asks him to track down her childhood friends so she can show up at their doorsteps and surprise them
  • On a follow-up investigation of glowing bugs in the deep woods of northern Washington state, Mulder and Scully encounter a laid back FBI agent looking for a mysterious killer named Bob    


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