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TOP 10 Darwinian Halloween Escapades – Inevitably Revised

When the laws of survival collide with the abandon of Halloween(more…)

You Know You’re Information Overloaded When…

The meeting theme this week at our Toastmasters’ Club concerned one of the banes of modern life, especially in social media oriented, western societies – information overload.

Intrusive, geometrically expanding exposure to information and sources, the latter exhibiting wide latitudes of dependability, variously affects us all. (more…)

TOP 10 Friday the 13th Archive Notes

Today marks another of those calendar interventions we have come to know as a Friday the 13th.

While some pay little attention to the symbolic significance of this periodic occurrence, there are many who do. The fact that this is a year wherein it occurs the same month as Halloween adds some dimension to the spectre; forebodingly, it’s a superstitious lead-in to the history imbued time, combining fear and celebration at the end of October. (more…)

Even More Breaking News

Here’s some BREAKING NEWS:

This week’s post is a follow-up to interest piquing submission last Friday.

More to enjoy… (more…)