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TOP ‘Under the Radar’ Award Shows

Anyone exposed to conventional media such as television knows that the early part of the year is replete with award shows. Those that are televised, at least broadly, they tend to be affairs which take the ceremonies and nominations seriously, while ‘under the lights’.

However, as in life, there are some parts of the awards world which fall between the cracks.

Here’s a list of some ‘under the radar’ award celebrations, which some in society deem worthwhile, televised or not: (more…)

TOP 10 2017 Valentine Day Sayings

Less obvious ways to say those magic words: I love you / or, I like you / or, at least, I know you(more…)

At the End of the Sliced Bread

Two of the multitude of overused, and often obscurely used, expressions of modern times are:

  • The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
  • At the End of the Day

In the interests of better quality communication, let’s issue a “Breaking News” alert (since it doesn’t take much to qualify these days), and consider putting them out of our verbal misery. (more…)

What We’re Sensing

Any of us exposed for some time to a family dog knows that they develop an intuitive quality of awareness of, to some degree understanding, our behaviour and moods, not to mention their ongoing desire to connect through eye contact. The capacity of dogs to have a helpful instinct – illustrated at an extreme, if wistful, level in the book and film “A Dog’s Purpose” – has been evident over the years, in their training as police dogs, as ‘seeing eye’ dogs for the blind, and in therapeutic visits to hospitals as well as senior residences.

Many of us see much of dog behaviour as mirroring that of children. (more…)