Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Less obvious ways to say those magic words: I love you / or, I like you / or, at least, I know you

  • Cupid’s arrow now has a rubber tip on it, because his target shooting is no longer up to snuff
  • Everything’s coming up roses, which is a real blow to my vegetable garden
  • I had to turn over every stone for your gift, as I forgot where I hid it from the authorities
  • The longer you live, the more I’ll have the life insurance claim ready
  • If passion is what gives a kiss its sweetness, what does passion fruit do?
  • The more we keep cling to each other, the more your dry skin won’t absorb the lotion
  • Love will find a way but GPS gives it that techno authenticity
  • Roses are red, my lips are blue, I’m staying in bed, big thanks for the flu
  • I accept that it’s a love-bite, but please excuse me for getting a shot for it to play safe
  • Go satisfy the feeling from a gift that keeps on giving, by ingesting Kaopectate

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