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The Expanding Roster of Will Stipulations

Anyone who has recently had the experience of completing or updating a Will (at least in Canada) has likely discovered, as I have, that the legalese terminology has been transformed into a little less technical linguistics, but replaced with a larger volume of phraseology covering subject matter which used to be implied, rather than overtly stated. (more…)

TOP 10 Signs of the Beginning of Spring in Canada

Allegedly, Spring has officially arrived this week, although evidence of the following is sparse…

–       Drivers get to become reacquainted with the exterior colour of their vehicles  

–       It’s easier to see where grass would be thanks to a thinner coating of ice

       Confused birdlife add their input to human squawking about unwanted snowfalls

       Foods identified as ‘fresh’ no longer have to come with disclaimers (more…)

Top 10 Modern Signs of St. Patrick’s Day

Because any modern saint deserves recognition

  • Everyone named Patrick exhibits altruism
  • Yoga classes add pirouettes until everyone feels green
  • Leprechauns are treated with the respect they deserve once a year
  • Fussy eaters are willing to eat their leafy vegetables


To Be or Not to Be – Sponsored

There are signs posted around Ottawa for Canada’s 150th birthday. This would seem to be a worthwhile cause. However, they prominently feature a sponsor name next to the emblem. One cannot help wondering if there’s no limit to such pervasiveness: even the promotion of a national sesquicentennial is not immune to association with patronage. (more…)

By Way of Introduction

A prime component of beginning almost any formal, or unfamiliar, get-together is the introduction.

Whether it be meeting someone for the first time, or during a major ceremony, or at myriad occasions in-between, officious status or not, at or near the starting point is an introduction. Whatever the context, the happening takes on a focus of attention at such times. (more…)