Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Allegedly, Spring has officially arrived this week, although evidence of the following is sparse…

–       Drivers get to become reacquainted with the exterior colour of their vehicles  

–       It’s easier to see where grass would be thanks to a thinner coating of ice

       Confused birdlife add their input to human squawking about unwanted snowfalls

       Foods identified as ‘fresh’ no longer have to come with disclaimers

      Increasingly, higher percentages of ice are to be found inside drinking glasses than on the ground

      You don’t need a jackhammer to dig into the ground 

       One can be more forgiving of the 50% accuracy of weather forecasters  

       Driving around potholes is a fairer contest because now you can actually see them

      ‘White out conditions’ are only being used in reference to correcting typos 

–     Feeling blue goes back to being just about emotions rather enhanced with outdoor temperatures    

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