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Life Lessons from NYPD Blue

One of the most powerful television dramas to come from the 1990s, lasting until 2005, was NYPD Blue. Set in New York City (although only partially filmed there), the extremely gritty stories were reflected in a range of non-glamourous characterizations, highlighted by Dennis Franz’s work as detective Andy Sipowicz, for which he won four best actor awards in eight nominations. (more…)

Lessons Learned in Book Writing

I have just finished editing the third draft of my first book, the latter based on my nearly twenty-five years in the financial services industry. This has been a two years’ process, not counting months of organizing research material before the first written word.

While there remain major steps ahead in looking toward publication, there have been helpful lessons learned in the process so far. (more…)

TOP 10 Benefits of the Appearance of Spring

Now just over a month officially into the season, it finally seems to be blooming with possibilities…

  • ‘White out conditions’ refer to the need to correct typos 
  • Hibernating construction zones emerge and begin to multiply
  • One no longer has to pretend they’re ‘all season’ tires (more…)

Some ‘buts’ About it

A humourous piece in the current issue of Toastmaster magazine illustrates the difficulty many of us have in conversational responses without contingencies.

The author focuses on the common crutch word ‘but’, all too often used as an appendage to a reply which begins with ‘yes’ or ‘yeah’. Many of us feel the urge to qualify our rejoinders. If we do, that may be either with a positive or a negative bent. (more…)

Perhaps Holmes Can Provide Advice Too

Two articles in a recent issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal provide perspectives on the potential impact of artifical intelligence on advice given by (human) financial advisors and brokers.

One refers to recently emerged services such as Weathsimple, filling in the gap generated by many younger investors not having sufficient assets to engage a traditional advisor, many also lacking the confidence or support to invest on their own via the discount market. Thus the ‘robo-advice’ model seeks to offer “the value of a smart portfolio with the simplicity of the experience”. (more…)

Let’s Brainstorm!

Sometimes AKA ‘Plan B’, ‘brainstorming’ can be an effective and enjoyable way to come up with ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas, which can eventually lead to innovatively practical solutions.

An article in the April issue of Toastmaster magazine reveals a range of considerations to maximize the effectiveness of this form of brain teasing. (more…)

A Study of Ebbs & Flows

Now that I’m back from a prolonged, on-line, technically generated hiatus

The March issue of The Investment & Insurance Journal includes the results of a research project looking at how compensation could impact advisor behaviour, in relation to mutual fund sales and redemptions.

The source study was conducted last fall, on behalf of IFIC (The Investment Funds Institute of Canada). Behaviours focused on were how investors and their advisors choose specific funds, as well as the influencers on fund assets, arched by the role of compensation. (more…)