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TOP 10 ‘Black Friday’ Shopping Realities

Tis the time of year for great expectations – on the part of shoppers looking for bargain prices.

Be it pre-Black Friday, Black Friday week, or the day itself, not to mention Cyber Monday, with surely in time more marketing lures to come, there is an aura of ‘spend now, to save later’ in the air. This seems to be going on for an expanding time frame every year. (more…)

The Look of Reflection

How vulnerable are you to an overload of envy about the success of others, especially people you know well?

An article in the December issue of Psychology Today delves into this subject, with a subtext of measuring how happy and successful we feel about our own lives. The ease with which this can become a personal issue has been dramatically escalated by the rise in access to and influence of social media. (more…)

A Multidimensional Palette

An item in the December issue of Psychology Today covers the arena of colours, which are not perceived the same universally, since many of us literally see them differently.

The article focuses on the daughter of a London florist, as such well acquainted with a wide palette from an early age, who has authored a book titled, “The Secret Lives of Color” (not British spelling, for some reason). The latter covers the history of seventy-five colours, including such obscure varieties as hematite and obsidian. (more…)

How to Increase Business as Much as 500%

Anyone involved with building a successful business knows that it grows, or it founders. If increasing the pool of customers or sales does not occur each year, then the business will go downhill; no matter how effective one is, drop-offs inevitably occur with the current base, for a variety of reasons.

In the October issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal, the ‘advice’ column addresses the issue of staying on track with goals, with the carrot-on-a-stick of increasing results by as much as 500%. (more…)