Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Tis the time of year for great expectations – on the part of shoppers looking for bargain prices.

Be it pre-Black Friday, Black Friday week, or the day itself, not to mention Cyber Monday, with surely in time more marketing lures to come, there is an aura of ‘spend now, to save later’ in the air. This seems to be going on for an expanding time frame every year.

But the realm of actual experiences is going to be diverse…

  • ‘Door crasher’ specials are left unprotected in the store entrance, so they can be quickly smashed and replaced by regularly priced versions
  • If it’s not on sale, what’s wrong with it?
  • Seen in the light above a lower pile of money, items you would never dream of buying any other time are suddenly must haves
  • Getting up at a usually unearthly hour, to go out in the dark and cold, to wait in uncomfortable lineups, and finally to join the door opening crush, becomes something to celebrate
  • For sure dad or granddad will learn to love that tech device in which he’s never shown any interest
  • ‘Up to (x)% off the original price’ typically translates to the more you want something, the lower the value of (x)
  • In shopping mall parking lots, it’s important to park far from entrances if one wants to escape the greater likelihood of car door denting
  • The advantage of the on-line vs. in person shopping frenzy is that headache medication is quicker to access
  • Some credit cards will need to be fanned to cool them down from overuse
  • Remember that objects are normally bigger than when viewed on-line or in flyers

Whatever happened to the humble concept of “How much is that little doggy in the window?”

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