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As any true, long-time aficionado is aware, Laura Palmer’s prediction from ‘The Red Room’ in the final episode of the original TWIN PEAKS came true, albeit the actual airing of new episodes a year late. (The fact that she was technically deceased at the time makes the prescience even more impressive.)

In fact, her declaration “I’ll see you again in 25 years” was repeated at the beginning of the first episode of ‘TWIN PEAKS: The Return’. Indeed, not only were we reminded about the prediction, but also the story is picking up where it left off, effectively in real time. (more…)

Life Lessons from BILLIONS

A product of cable network Showtime, BILLIONS has just completed a high impact second season. The schedule expanded from the original season of ten episodes to twelve.

BILLIONS has become a modern times, high quality organic product. It showcases fast-paced dramatic writing with actors inhabiting their roles in stark transitions of settings. This mix of properties is a dependable formula for customer, i.e. viewer, loyalty. (more…)

TOP 10 Thoughtful Expressions to Honour Mother’s Day

Hopefully, the vast majority of us associate mostly happy memories with thoughts about our mothers. If possible, hopefully the vast majority of us make an effort to recognize the annual day for celebrating this so important person’s role, in person or at least by direct communication. It comes about again this Sunday, May 14th. (more…)

TOP 10 Challenges in Home Renovations

Any homeowner for a period of time is bound to encounter the challenge of renovation. Be it related to age, deterioration, or simply a structural facelift, the causes can be many, the options almost limitless.

There are good reasons why renovation reality shows have become a staple of speciality television, not to mention the more historical, but still viable, routes of trade shows and in-store seminars. People, hands-on or not, want to have a handle on what to do, if by themselves or at least how to proceed if dealing with professionals. (more…)