Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Hopefully, the vast majority of us associate mostly happy memories with thoughts about our mothers. If possible, hopefully the vast majority of us make an effort to recognize the annual day for celebrating this so important person’s role, in person or at least by direct communication. It comes about again this Sunday, May 14th.

While traditional methods or showing appreciation, such as with a flower arrangement, remain popular, there can be a challenge with expressing the theme in contemplative, colourful words.

Here are some esoteric suggestions:

  • Footprints on the sands of time should be kept out of the family home
  • Any work of nature should be appreciated as is, as it is produced by a Mother
  • The physical side of beauty is numerous epidermis layers deep
  • If jumping in with both feet, remember mother’s advice to bring a towel and a bandage
  • Much of the person we become depends in part on how well we learn early on to do up our pants
  • A mother’s roundish perspective can help ease life’s steep learning curves
  • Being nice to our core family makes mothers happy, and helps reduce the likelihood of later ‘blending’
  • There’s always got to be something in a mother’s cooking which evokes a full stomach
  • The spirit of giving should not become a duty of the honoree of the day
  • A mother’s interpretation of our dreams can be expected, at the least, to be sanitary


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