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TOP 10 Strategies for Coping with Endless Winter Weather

Since so far the calendar doesn’t mean much in eastern North America…

  • Send encouraging texts to the migrating bird population to ‘hang in up there’
  • Set up a picnic area around the furnace and break out your t-shirts and shorts (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Eight

The First Taste of Success – with agent:

(a) “It takes a lot of work for an agent to break in a new writer, so the things they’re gonna look for are really straight-forward. One, a really good personality, because they have to put you in a room with people. Two, that you have very (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XXIII

Supposedly it’s spring – here’s more emotive warmth from enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • The magician’s props weren’t working, so he improvised by calling his act ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’
  • My stomach is tied in knots, which makes it extremely difficult to make my shirt look nice (more…)

Are You a Leader?

All manner of communities and organizations need leaders.  The quality of leadership affects the success of these groups, small or large.

Just like communication skills, leadership skills are learned and enlarged through experience, facing challenges, and ultimately from episodes of failure and success.  Whether you are new or experienced in a group, opportunity to develop these skills is likely available in some capacity if you step forward. (more…)

Tips for Writing a ‘Profound’ Screenplay

Yesterday I participated in a conference call presentation concerning the keys to writing what was termed the ‘profound’ screenplay.

The importance of having a profound impact is not only the intrinsic value to the writer, insofar as unveiling a more layered, and thus impactful story, but also the enhanced marketability to the screenplay reader, then to the potential project producer. (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Seven

The Marketplace – the reader’s perspective:

“My goal is to assess every script that I get from two standpoints: Is this a strong story and is this a commercial product?  I look at the concept and the premise, and then I examine the execution, the structure, and the storyline.   Then I’m going to look at the stakes and the tension, the characters, the relationships, the dialogue, whether the material is emotionally resonant, thematically relevant.  (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XXII

Spring in fact, if not in deed, starts tomorrow – so here’s more warmth from enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • The grant for Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments was reduced, so all he could do was make heads or tails
  • The fact there was no accounting for taste in estimating corporate goodwill really upset the chocolatier (more…)

TOP 10 Signs of St. Patrick’s Day

  • Everyone named Patrick has a halo
  • You can’t tell if pedestrians are staggering from liquor or from icy sidewalks
  • One day memberships in the Green movement spike (more…)

TOP 10 Benefits of the End of Winter

The end is near, an end is near – hopefully these benefits will soon be here

  • Rediscover the joy of walking on flat surfaces
  • Construction zones are no longer required for putting on outdoor clothing
  • When someone says ‘you know how to shovel it’, there is subtext (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Six

The Marketplace – the buyer’s perspective:

(a) “I had a project…and they thought it was too violent, but it was a really, really good script.  Later the guy said, ‘I really liked it, but I had just come aboard as the production head…I couldn’t say yes to a violent film like this because I was really scared of it at the time’…  He’s doing the job he has to do as a suit…  It’s a complicated deal, this whole issue of you going in and trying to get somebody interested in a project.  You have to know what they want just as much as you (more…)