Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The Marketplace – the buyer’s perspective:

(a) “I had a project…and they thought it was too violent, but it was a really, really good script.  Later the guy said, ‘I really liked it, but I had just come aboard as the production head…I couldn’t say yes to a violent film like this because I was really scared of it at the time’…  He’s doing the job he has to do as a suit…  It’s a complicated deal, this whole issue of you going in and trying to get somebody interested in a project.  You have to know what they want just as much as you know what you want.  That’s the smartest advice I can give anybody: know what they’re looking for in your work.”

(b) “There are more dilettantes in the game than real, committed, I’m-gonna-go-down-swinging kinda people. We need more of the latter and less of the former. We need people who care about this as an art form. Movies should count for more than an opening weekend gross…”

“They don’t bury you with your bank account.  But if you make something great, they’ll remember you forever. That’s what makes people sit down and develop their skills…  Don’t talk about being a screenwriter…  even if it takes you ten years – or nine years, like it took me – to start working as a professional, develop and hone your skills.”

(c) “I believe there is no great screenplay that hasn’t at least been optioned. I believe there is no great screenplay that doesn’t get the writer into the business. Most screenplays are mediocre or just okay.  Really great writing always, always gets noticed…  if the writing is great, you always get into the game.”

Excerpted quotes from (a) John Carpenter & (b) Frank Darabont & (c) Mark D. Rosenthal                                                              Tales from the Script (2010)


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