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Virtual Unreality

Not long ago we were hearing and seeing examples of virtual reality technology in testing stages. Now, for example here in Ottawa, there is at least one popular shopping centre which has limited virtual reality gaming in one of its stores.

We have also become exposed to video games, in person, through advertising, or on TV or movie screens. Many games not only exhibit a dramatic range of scenarios putting the player’s POV (point of view) into the action, but also have hugely expanded the dimensions of war and other fighting themes, complete with reams of carnage. (more…)

Debate Do’s & Don’ts

We have seen, perhaps participated in, debates in one format or another over the years. (I can recollect my first was while a youngster in school.) In the political arena this has become a vital part of the election process.

As we get older, and especially if the stakes get higher, we should expect to incorporate life experiences or lessons to handle ourselves more effectively. Making a positive connection while speaking is paramount to feeling confident and performing better, whatever the stage. (more…)

Tinted Behaviour

Are you one of those adults who secretly (or, perhaps, not so privately) unwinds with coloured paper images?

This subject is the focus of an article in the current issue of Psychology Today. The rather reflective subheading is “Buyers may come in for the nostalgia but stay for the inspiration”. (more…)

Out-of-the-Box Niche Insurance

Reflective of certain realities of modern life, a heretofore little known niche market of insurance protection is gaining awareness among financial professionals.

An article in the current month edition of The Insurance & Investment Journal discusses how kidnap and ransom coverage is being offered by a limited number of international insurers. The appeal is described as “growing amongst singles and families from middle class to high net worth who might be at high risk if members are volunteering, traveling, living or working abroad in unstable or high risk countries”. (more…)

Blended Genres at a Screen Near You

A note received yesterday from a screenwriting site noted the vast array of recent film releases featuring comedy blended with other genres. Some of these reflect evolution in our social mores. Examples included:

  • Action comedy, such as ‘The Kingsman’
  • Dramedy, such as ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’
  • Horror comedy, such as ‘Vampire Academy’
  • Female Empowerment comedy, such as ‘Trainwreck’
  • Mockumentary, such as ‘What We Do in The Shadows’
  • Senior Comedy, such as ‘The Intern’


Modern Rules of Order

Many meetings are run using the framework of Parliamentary procedure, or its U.S. based version known as ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’.

Their core notion is to have a set of procedures reinforcing the agenda, so the meeting can proceed with decorum and efficiency, hopefully understood and supported by attendees. Interjections are allowed, as long as the interjector ideally invokes the proper language of attention getting: a ‘Point of Privilege’ concerning a status issue, a ‘Point of Information’ to have a question addressed, or a ‘Point of Order’ to verify following proper procedure. (more…)

Complex Terms, Message Reinforcement

I like to think of myself as pretty well versed in a range of our language, including how it relates to grammatical terminology. Thanks to the September edition of Toastmaster magazine, that belief system is heretofore, thanks indeed to a brief but cogent article identifying little-used terms representing selective message repetition.

Two words are introduced, neither of which per se have been familiar, I suspect, to many of us, although the underlying applications as rhetorical devices have been observed over time. (more…)

Very Expensive Gas

Could this be the future of gas prices with the impact of carbon pricing?img-20160908-00276

You wouldn’t expect too many customers at this price!

The Expurgated Versions

Part of the brilliance of gifted comedians and satirists is their ability to take concepts of language or expressions and twist them into shapes which activate response. Their translations generate laughter thanks to the vulnerability of the underlying version of normalcy.

Consider the ‘Book Shop’ sketch from Monty Python. (more…)

The Labour Day Statistical Transition

This is the Labour Day weekend, AKA the last holiday weekend of summer, AKA the last days of freedom for many young people before starting or returning to school.

The complexion of neighbourhood activity takes on a less hectic daytime hue with so many, once again, becoming cooped up in indoor facilities. (more…)