Creative commentary plus crafty composition

A note received yesterday from a screenwriting site noted the vast array of recent film releases featuring comedy blended with other genres. Some of these reflect evolution in our social mores. Examples included:

  • Action comedy, such as ‘The Kingsman’
  • Dramedy, such as ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’
  • Horror comedy, such as ‘Vampire Academy’
  • Female Empowerment comedy, such as ‘Trainwreck’
  • Mockumentary, such as ‘What We Do in The Shadows’
  • Senior Comedy, such as ‘The Intern’

One would suspect, as our technology and diversity driven lifestyles continue to expand, that in due course even wider horizons of blending with humour will emerge…

  • Sushi focused comedy, as in ‘Rolls with Hay’
  • Octogenarian comedy, as in ‘At Least Eight Shades of Grey’
  • Investment grade comedy, as in ‘Fees On Paper’
  • Sports Addict comedy, as in ‘The Never End Zone’
  • Pet based comedy, as in ‘Been Out, Damned Spot?’
  • Text Message oriented comedy, as in ‘2 Many Letters Missing’
  • Culture shock comedy, as in ‘Who You Bringing to Dinner This Time?’
  • Outdoor Reality, as in ‘Northern Outhouses Rally’
  • Techno geekiness, as in ‘Endless Shades of Monochrome’
  • Sex addict comedy, as in ‘Rolls with He’

No wonder so many people try to become screenwriters!

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