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TOP 10 Lesser Known CANADA 150 Events

Saturday, July 1st, officially marks Canada’s 150th birthday!

While many publicized celebrations are planned across the country for this special occasion, there are a number of other lesser known happenings, which nonetheless contribute to the breadth and depth of the Canadian mosaic…


Life Lessons from BETTER CALL SAUL

The third ten-episodes season of ‘Better Call Saul’ has just concluded, a series in part prequel to one of AMC’s most popular previous runs, ‘Breaking Bad’. Thanks to the pedigree of the contiguous writers/producers, as events evolve the ripples are gradually connecting.

The most significant thread is the character currently known as Jimmie McGill, but who is slowly turning into ‘Better Call’ Saul Goodman. Jimmy’s manifesting a morally flawed character from the beginning, viewing his adventures attempting a deviant level of success is not unlike watching a slow train wreck. (more…)

TOP 10 Esoteric Father’s Day Gifts

This coming Sunday brings about another Father’s Day.

As many of us know, especially men who are fathers, this day historically takes a back seat to Mother’s Day on the recognition, celebration radar.

That’s not necessarily bad; after all the fuss and commotion concomitant with Mother’s Day, parents not having to go through a similar scenario only a month or so later can feel less of an ordeal, as long as dads can roll with the lower profile. (more…)

Storytelling – Promises & Lies

I recently finished reading what I responded to as one of the most helpful commentaries encountered on the craft of writing, “A Story Is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling”, by Bill Johnson.

Johnson is a writer and writing teacher. He has a capacity, based on this book, to not only point out the importance of having a structured commitment to turning ideas into audience pleasing stories, but also uses numerous novels and films to reinforce his messages. (more…)

The Schadenfreude of Having a Doppelganger

Two of the most colourful words adapted from the German language to English are ‘schadenfreude’ and ‘doppelganger’.

These words, aside from their definitions, have a couple of interesting facets going for them.

They’re both multisyllabic and tricky to pronounce. Enunciating them without tripping over syllables exhibits good training of facial muscles. (more…)