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Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Three

The Nicholl Fellowships annual screenwriting contest, has as many as six thousand scripts submitted each year.  About 50 readers review and grade them, with only 5% making it to the quarterfinal stage.  Ten scripts make it to the finals. A committee then selects five scripts which are awarded scholarships.   (more…)

How Many Insurance Advisors Feel

For many the prospect of dealing with insurance matters, and such advisors, likely ranks with going to the dentist insofar as anticipatory delight.  However, as with oral care, taking care of insurance issues should be faced more sooner than later, if not as frequently. (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XIX

So much for the calendar, it remains unseasonably cold – which according to a local forecaster gives us more opportunity for record-breaking – but here’s some additional warmth from enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • They’re adding a mysterious purchase add-on, which means you get the whole kit and caboodle
  • If we let sleeping dogs lie then they better behave with integrity when they’re awake (more…)

Lesser Known Awards Shows

The new year not only brings out the mental and physical challenge of surviving winter intact, but also a plethora of awards shows.  Those known to the public are almost inevitably the highest profile, most glitzy affairs.

Many others focusing on much less glossy subjects fly under the radar.  Let’s give a little recognition… (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Two

The Educator’s Perspective:

“You can watch a film just for fun, and then you can watch it again and start breaking it down with the timer on your DVD player to see what kinds of things happen at certain times and to look for patterns. You can get a simple book, like one of those Syd Field books, and see if things are actually falling on these different structural places. But it’s a dangerous thing too, because I find that a lot of people wrote great screenplays without having to know all of these structural paradigms, so you want to balance that with still enjoying film and writing from your heart. (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part One

(a) “The word screenwriting is a kenning, which means it’s a composite of two nouns…  Everybody focuses on the screen part, because it’s Hollywood and it’s fun and it’s money and it’s fame… (more…)

SNL – 40th Anniversary Opus  

Last evening those of us who have been aficionados of Saturday Night Live, either limitedly through the myriad casts, or like myself more or less continually from the beginning, had an opportunity to revisit its history over a three and one-half hour broadcast marathon. (more…)

Clichés Upgraded – Part XVIII

It remains cold outside, but here’s the warmth of more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • Using a knife through hot butter ensures we’ll be cleaning up the counter for some time
  • A one-liners professional comedian needs better audience response than a laugh a minute (more…)

Less Popular Valentine’s Day Sayings

Here’s a dozen lesser appreciated quotes for Valentine’s Day:

  • Love will find a way but a map will make it quicker
  • Hugs let people know you love them and that your arm exercises are working
  • The hours I spend with you are like a perfumed garden, which is unlucky as I have an allergy to strong aromas (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Literary # 2

There is a tendency to look for the shaping forces of our existence outside ourselves. Success and failure are unavoidably related in our minds with the state of things around us… The tendency to look for all causes outside ourselves persists even when it is clear that our state of being is the product of personal qualities such as ability, character, appearance, health, and so on. (more…)