Creative commentary plus crafty composition

It remains cold outside, but here’s the warmth of more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • Using a knife through hot butter ensures we’ll be cleaning up the counter for some time
  • A one-liners professional comedian needs better audience response than a laugh a minute
  • Must I remind you that if you don’t know where you stand you’ll be looking for new boots pretty quickly
  • A leopard doesn’t change its spots at least until wash day
  • A dry mouth is one thing, however, licking one’s wounds is not the best way to produce saliva
  • It’s your call, but if you get that look before you leap it means the coach doesn’t think you’re ready
  • They only carry miniature reproductions of animals shopping for gifts, like a bull in a china shop
  • Not being anatomically wasteful is one thing, but a knuckle sandwich is going to need a heck of a lot of mustard and dressing
  • I don’t care what the dog whisperer says, a little bird told me the bones are buried in that part of the yard
  • To really loosen up your neck muscles look over your shoulder both ways at least half a dozen times

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