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Re-animated Darwinian Halloween Escapades

No one is safe when the laws of survival collide with the abandon of Halloween

  • Invite zombies to your house, but only if they bring their own versions of treats
  • See how many candles can be packed into a giant pumpkin by lighting it indoors first
  • Have a ‘Time Warp’ party for those still trying to reach the planet idolized in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Set a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode in the branches of a gigantic Venus fly trap
  • Make an oil coated costume which is part fluorescent and part phosphorescent
  • Hold auditions for best presentation by a ghost in an authentic haunted house
  • Challenge gangs in dark alleys to see if they prefer tricks or treats
  • Hold a body snatchers party and neglect to keep track of the comings and goings
  • Invite a real politician to terrorize the neighbourhood by glad-handing
  • Put on eerie music without regard that it continues playing when the power goes off










Whoa! The Orphan Client

When I was in the financial services industry, one of the client servicing issues I dealt with, on the insurance side, concerned what have been termed ‘orphan clients’.

Such clients came about from departed representatives, tending to fall into a category of not high priority allocation, or at least not priority follow-up. They might be awaiting a trigger for administrative staff to arrange a replacement agent. (These times were on the cusp of tighter compliance expectations.) (more…)

It’s to be Experienced

The fourth and final part of a series of mini-articles under the umbrella of ‘Life Lessons’ in October’s Psychology Today focuses on the idea of being open to life experiences.

Therefore, let us benefit (even if vicariously) from the comments of the contributing authors: (more…)

A Rock Versus a Soft Place

A survey of millennials released this week has revealed that more than one-half of them would prefer the earth to be hit by a meteor than have the Republican candidate become U.S. President, and about one-third of them feel the same regarding the Democratic candidate.

There is a surrealistically dire implication in these choices – with the human side of the equation, our world deeply impacted, whether the choice is metaphorical or not. (more…)

It’s Time

Part Three of a series of mini-articles under the umbrella of ‘Life Lessons’ in October’s Psychology Today focuses on the issue of time.

Therefore, it’s worth considering some ‘timely’ comments of the contributing authors with their insights on this immutable topic: (more…)

Guidance for Neanderthal Sales Thinkers

Like it or not, in one manner or another, we are all sales people.

For many of us, this is (or has been) literally true. Even in businesses where corporate mission statements exemplify other, i.e. lofty, aspects of service relationships, the ultimate determination of success or failure generally comes down to whether or not sales are made.

For the population at large, not dependent on successfully adhering to the sales process to make a living, variations of selling still infiltrate daily living. (more…)

Addressing Obstacles

Part Two of a series of mini-articles under the umbrella of ‘Life Lessons’ in October’s Psychology Today focuses on what is called ‘Facing Adversity’.

Once again, the comments of the contributing authors collectively can provide valuable insights for our own lives: (more…)

TOP 10 Canadian Thanksgiving Gratitudes

Like many longstanding holidays, Thanksgiving Day has its traditional elements, but has also come to remind us of modern lifestyle aspects to appreciate.

Interestingly, of the holidays recognized in both Canada and the U.S., this is the only one celebrated at different times: in Canada, on the second Monday in October, in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday. (In the latter case this has typically dovetailed into four-day weekends, and the recent emergence of ‘Black Friday’ shopping madness.) (more…)

Keeping Life Ship Shape

Under the general umbrella of ‘Life Lessons’, the October issue of Psychology Today has a series of mini-articles metaphorically spreading from branches of the life tree. The perspectives attempt to clarify what is deemed a paradox – our instincts can be flawed biases that science attempts to overcome, meanwhile, personal wisdom emerges from lived experiences.

Thus, here are some thoughtful comments under the heading of ‘Shaping Your Life’: (more…)

Some Pre-Millennium Numbers

You know how sometimes you’re reminded of a tune, which then gets in your head, and it seems to stay there awhile, especially if connected to a personal memory or time-frame?

Nineteen years before the advent of the new millennium, one of my favourite pop songs was born, 8675309/Jenny, by artist Tommy Tutone. Really, quite a catchy, upbeat tune, it is still can be heard on radio stations with variations of soft rock formats playing tracks from the latter decades of the 20th century. (more…)