Creative commentary plus crafty composition

No one is safe when the laws of survival collide with the abandon of Halloween

  • Invite zombies to your house, but only if they bring their own versions of treats
  • See how many candles can be packed into a giant pumpkin by lighting it indoors first
  • Have a ‘Time Warp’ party for those still trying to reach the planet idolized in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Set a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode in the branches of a gigantic Venus fly trap
  • Make an oil coated costume which is part fluorescent and part phosphorescent
  • Hold auditions for best presentation by a ghost in an authentic haunted house
  • Challenge gangs in dark alleys to see if they prefer tricks or treats
  • Hold a body snatchers party and neglect to keep track of the comings and goings
  • Invite a real politician to terrorize the neighbourhood by glad-handing
  • Put on eerie music without regard that it continues playing when the power goes off










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