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TOP 10 Lesser Known Halloween Clichés

‘Tis this season… 

  • Them bones, them bones, them dried bones
  • Quoth the raven, “On second thought, bring the doppelganger” (more…)

A Lack of Directed Energy

We all know issues can arise when dealing with large companies we are essentially compelled to do business with because they provide a service we need.  This is on the high chagrin level about one of them. (more…)

The Art of Collecting – Part 6

As previously noted, ‘atypical’ assets provide both potential rewards, i.e. monetary / personal, and hassle factors, i.e. cost / space / time.

Based on articles from “Advisor’s Edge” magazine, here are factors and statistics concerning a few lesser known, larger asset types: (more…)

Chain Reaction

It’s encouraging when dealing with a chain store actually results in a positive resolution, and disconcerting when dealing with a small entrepreneur is more negative.

The positive experience occurred in the last couple of days. (more…)

Canadian Values     

As a Canadian and resident of Ottawa one cannot be impassive regarding the both tragic and heroic events which occurred in our capital city yesterday.

Our national strengths of openness and tolerance are clearly under stress, and sometimes threat, these days. (more…)

Still More Clichés Upgraded

Here’s another batch of enlivened examples (with the original in italics):

  • He checked every other secret hiding place, so the only one left was down in the mouth
  • Being dressed to the nines was the compromise position between being attired to the sixes or being adorned to the twelves (more…)

A Lack of Consideration

When one lives in an urban environment, there are compromises inherent in the proximity of others.

Part of what makes a good neighbourhood is showing some consideration for (more…)