Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Yet More Clichés Upgraded

Here are even more enlivened examples:

  • If trimming sleeves means material for longer leg cuffs, then the ends justify the means
  • Tip to survivalists: A fish out of water may a lure from a clever alligator
  • Whoever views as complimentary being called cute as a button should look closely at buttons
  • Containing a flash in the pan requires a cooking friendly powerful adhesive
  • Dangling a carrot in front of people won’t work for those who have a fear of precarious produce
  • If you can fall through the cracks then you probably aren’t eating enough
  • The early bird catches the worm, but has to sign a waiver that no cruelty will occur in dispatching it
  • It’s tough to see that beyond every dark cloud there’s a silver lining because it’s all monochromatic
  • If a real estate agent asks you to look for the elephant in the room, the first thing is to see if the drapes are moving
  • Did you hear about the dedicated dishwasher who told thieves to take everything but the kitchen sink?

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