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Going on Holidays Messages

This time of the year it’s common to get an automated response, albeit possibly with a personalized tone, when phoning someone. There may be even a cute, seasonal reference to add a touch of artistry.

If it’s an in the office, business-sensitive message, chances are the wording and tone will be more on the officious side. The brave or resourceful will find a way to inject a little personality. (more…)

TOP 10 Renovation Concerns

For those of us having some home renovation done, there may be troublesome issues lurking in recesses of the engagement… (more…)

The Karma / Janus Connection

The expression that there are two sides to just about anything applies, in many peoples’ anecdotal experience, to karma.

What is karma?

Stemming from east Asian religions, karma relates to the culmination of a person’s actions in life (potentially added to by one’s previous ‘states of existence’) impacting, or even deciding, one’s fate moving forward. More simply, karma = destiny, or fate, as influenced by one’s actions. (more…)