Creative commentary plus crafty composition

For those of us having some home renovation done, there may be troublesome issues lurking in recesses of the engagement…

  • A source of light emerges on its own from beneath the basement
  • Measure twice, cut once is considered interchangeable with measure once, cut twice
  • An excavation on the property reveals the remains of a lost civilization
  • Workers’ tools are covered in discount store wrapping
  • The company owner does daily performance reviews on-site
  • Loose pieces of tile are turned into frisbees during lunch breaks
  • Job cost estimates include refund allowances for broken furniture
  • Workers’ background music selections really suck
  • Drawings to scale are based on weight
  • Water, water, everywhere, but none is in the sink

Of course, one of the fun aspects about renovating is that it never truly seems to be finished.

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