Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Here’s another batch of enlivened examples (with the original in italics):

  • He checked every other secret hiding place, so the only one left was down in the mouth
  • Being dressed to the nines was the compromise position between being attired to the sixes or being adorned to the twelves
  • Hopefully you’re not too ruffled by the sight of a fly by the seat of your pants
  • The athlete heard he was fit as a fiddle so he went out and bought a new bow
  • Harvey would tell his spouse ‘The game is on the line’ whenever one of his friends phoned to talk sports
  • At a certain age sympathy garnered for crying out loud should be a lot less than as a child
  • You know you’re really low on food when a fly on the wall sounds appetizing with cream sauce
  • Whenever there’s a frog in my throat I feel perfectly lilly
  • Getting a word in edgewise allows for more words but they’re hard to comprehend unless one can hear sideways
  • O.K., I’ll start the ball rolling but if my back gets sore please begin using the golf clubs


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