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Canadian Values     

As a Canadian and resident of Ottawa one cannot be impassive regarding the both tragic and heroic events which occurred in our capital city yesterday.

Our national strengths of openness and tolerance are clearly under stress, and sometimes threat, these days.

The most regrettable immediate impact was the loss of life of the young reservist from Hamilton, a 24 year old man with a young family and apparently an animal lover, the latter trait not as universal as it should be.

Probably the most regrettable longer term impact is the inevitable legislative squeezing of some of our rights of access and contact, especially with those in governance and with official structures.  Sadly, this has precedent elsewhere.  The fact it is now here and must be addressed is the ripple effect of reality.

Notwithstanding yesterday’s events, as some rationale commentary has pointed out, we need to maintain a balanced perspective.  While exercising more regular vigilance as part of our citizenry duty, we should remember that isolated, tragic events have long been part of western democratic history.  It’s always dangerous to project from the harmful actions of one or two a similar intention of their societal group, either by birth or adoption.

Looking for the better side of what diverse humanity has to offer is a core Canadian value, which we should continue to espouse.  Protecting our capacity to continue exhibiting this is part of the challenge.

P.S. Just before posting this commentary, I heard a series of popping sounds through a window from not far away.  At first I thought it sounded much like firearms discharge, never a neighbourhood issue in our tenure.  Then I realized it was autumnal hammering likely from roof work.  While I was obviously relieved, it just goes to show you…

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