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TOP 10 Canadian Thanksgiving Gratitudes

Like many longstanding holidays, Thanksgiving Day has its traditional elements, but has also come to remind us of modern lifestyle aspects to appreciate.

Interestingly, of the holidays recognized in both Canada and the U.S., this is the only one celebrated at different times: in Canada, on the second Monday in October, in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday. (In the latter case this has typically dovetailed into four-day weekends, and the recent emergence of ‘Black Friday’ shopping madness.) (more…)

Very Expensive Gas

Could this be the future of gas prices with the impact of carbon pricing?img-20160908-00276

You wouldn’t expect too many customers at this price!

Words in Pictures

What do words like cognoscenta and volte-face have in common?

Allowing that the first of these has a seemingly unrecognized end spelling issue (presumably should end in i or e), these are both rather uncommon words I have found in re-reading a book by sci-fi master John Wyndham, perhaps best known as author of “The Day of the Triffids”. His writings stem from the middle of the last century, so he may be excused for using a little older, ornate language, but it is certainly not arcane. (more…)

Standing out from the crowd



While admiring the numerous, colourful flower beds today at Ottawa’s annual tulip festival, I was reminded that a sea of beauty may make a stirring show, but result in a crowded and competitive marketplace.   On the other hand, a few in a more select location may not draw as big a crowd, but any attention drawn is their opportunity to stand out, to impress in their own light.


Customer Disloyalty

The service industry, especially as relates to retail, is replete with offers supposedly designed to engender a degree of identification and loyalty in its customers.  We see ads in various media promoting ‘loyalty programs’ rewards or discounts based on committing to multiple services.  Sometimes this extends to inferring one is part of the glow of the ‘family’, benefitting as if actually working for the promoting company.

However, it is anecdotally clear that the loyalty wave is one directional. (more…)

Safe speed sign of trouble

The insertion of safety speed posts is inevitably going to cause navigation problems when placed  by a popular parking area or curb.

The insertion of safety speed posts is inevitably going to cause navigation problems when placed by a popular parking area or curb.  This is one of several recently placed on our street which are asking for trouble. 

World’s Largest Outdoor Rink

Here are a couple of pictures taken today from the frozen Rideau canal, towards the south end of Ottawa, part of the world’s largest outdoor skating rink, under almost ideal weather conditions (except for the lack of sun).



Move Over, Two-Wheelers!

IMG-20140907-00095        IMG-20140907-00094

Here are pictures of the lane intended for bicyclists to use on a feeder road near Ottawa Int’l. airport. (more…)