Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Like many longstanding holidays, Thanksgiving Day has its traditional elements, but has also come to remind us of modern lifestyle aspects to appreciate.

Interestingly, of the holidays recognized in both Canada and the U.S., this is the only one celebrated at different times: in Canada, on the second Monday in October, in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday. (In the latter case this has typically dovetailed into four-day weekends, and the recent emergence of ‘Black Friday’ shopping madness.)

Perhaps the earlier date, especially not being as connected as the U.S. to commercialism, gives Canadians a clearer opportunity to focus on the elements which make this perhaps our most reflective holiday. Ultimately, there are some Canadian advantages…

  • Turkeys are better tanned, due to the timing close to the end of summer
  • Less likelihood of news immersion leading to divisive political talks around the dinner table
  • A greater range of overlapping sports options for couch potatoes
  • Shortens the work week at the all-important front end
  • Fewer travel-related and messy vestibule issues
  • More daylight to partake some pre- or post-meal exercise
  • Minimal time sacrificed on borderline meaningful parades
  • Usually closer to Halloween, so a better excuse to cheat on candies
  • Don’t need to go to bed early for the gear-up to Black Friday
  • Less likelihood for children to dwell on forthcoming Christmas presents



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