Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Saturday, July 1st, officially marks Canada’s 150th birthday!

While many publicized celebrations are planned across the country for this special occasion, there are a number of other lesser known happenings, which nonetheless contribute to the breadth and depth of the Canadian mosaic…

  • The ‘Canadians are Polite’ society will be handing out buttons, but only if the recipient wears it on their sleeve
  • Members of the loon & toon society have their annual gathering to revel in being recognized on circulation coinage
  • Maple sugar producers pick one town with low product sales and cover its streets with syrup, alternating between light and dark varieties
  • Those old enough to remember Expo ’67, the highlight of ‘Canada 100’, are invited to search for anything anywhere near as special this year
  • Dental associations marks sponsorship of the iconic beaver, due to the latter’s exposure of dental issues
  • Weather forecasters gather under tents to celebrate their 50% success rate in predicting conditions at least twelve hours in advance
  • Re-cycled sheets of paper are handed out randomly to those who promise a serious effort in guessing the nation’s latest statistical cultural mix
  • Every shop open on the holiday is required to have in their cash at least two actual $10 bills for change
  • Wildlife federations update special sections devoted to human sports fans, established in recognition of their animalistic behaviour
  • The national competition for most intrusive urban construction zones completes the first half of its season

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