Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Since so far the calendar doesn’t mean much in eastern North America…

  • Send encouraging texts to the migrating bird population to ‘hang in up there’
  • Set up a picnic area around the furnace and break out your t-shirts and shorts
  • Download a picture of a local weather forecaster, and enjoy your new dart board target
  • Start an Old Man Winter extradition movement
  • Tell stories to youngsters about past spring times when the snow melted and the sap ran
  • Go to home & garden shows, and laugh or snarl at the exhibitors
  • Use green markers outdoors liberally
  • Check out the local library to see if there are variations on the definition of global warming
  • Celebrate the reduced wear and tear on summer tires due to extra-long duty for the winter ones
  • Visit relatives you don’t care for since the days are shot anyway

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