Creative commentary plus crafty composition

A product of cable network Showtime, BILLIONS has just completed a high impact second season. The schedule expanded from the original season of ten episodes to twelve.

BILLIONS has become a modern times, high quality organic product. It showcases fast-paced dramatic writing with actors inhabiting their roles in stark transitions of settings. This mix of properties is a dependable formula for customer, i.e. viewer, loyalty.

While the main storyline arcs are defined, there is enough room brought into play by character flaws for blurred lines and misdirection to flourish.

As one would expect, there are numerous observations about the human condition, at least at a certain stratum of society:

  • If engaging in stiletto escapades with one’s spouse, try limiting effects to the outside of the body
  • The more people have little to reveal on the outside, the more they may be compressing an analytical punch
  • The bigger the numbers are, the bigger they feel
  • Anticipation is the engine oil for efficient response
  • Apparently, some suits are comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Coded language uses very few indefinite pronouns
  • Eating in the park exposes one to more benefits than a walk in the park
  • Playing ball has little regard for knowledge of sports
  • Loyalty is a quality of behaviour with amorphous dimensions
  • The stronger, the more vulnerable

It really doesn’t require exposure to billions to understand many of these realities.



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